Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Indianapolis-based real estate entrepreneurs Clay & Evan Manship noticed a troubling trend.

Thousands were losing their jobs, while real estate values and rents continued to skyrocket.

Because of this, Clay and Evan jumped in to help, forgiving over $50,000+ in  tenant rents due to their company, Mainstay Property Group, during the height of the pandemic. As the pandemic slowly subsided, their passion for helping both tenants and buyers only grew.

With their growing passion to help others, and create affordable housing units, The Manship Foundation was created in June of 2020 in order to focus on affordable housing full-time, now focusing on selling single family homes to low and moderate income families across the Midwest.

Evan & Emily Manship | Clay & Diana Manship

Clay & Evan Manship, Co-Chairmen, The Manship Foundation

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